Sunday, November 21, 2010

Maruthani–A tamil movie bringing out the love and affection between a brother and a sister

The Tamil film that seems to have got released around 10th September 2010. It might not be a big box office hit but Super Good Films has truly made a humble endeavor to bring out the love and affection that prevails between a brother and sister. The movie starts in sad moments and ends with tears but moves anyone watching it and makes them realize the true love and affection between a true brother and a sister.

Some of the significant observations of the movie are:

  1. People tend to be easily carried forwarded by negative suggestions (which are easy to understand and follow) than positive ones (Elixirs were and are never sweet).
  2. The brother’s spouse has a serious set of allegations as his sister being a contender for his love towards her. He clarifies the point that who has a true affection to his sister would ensure an unpolluted love for his wife too because he would be in a position to appreciate his sister’s position in her inlaws family.

I sincerely thank Pratap for bringing out this movie emphasizing the true affection between a brother and a sister.

I am at least deeply moved by this movie given to the fact that a very recent incident hurt my sister very much. She tried suppressing this to me that she faced vehemently serious harsh baseless allegations from one of our other distant circles but as a brother I could understand her heart.  So let us make it a point to appreciate the true affection of brother-sister relationship before venturing into unleashing terror with virally wild speculations on them.

I am also glad to have got this opportunity to view this film on ‘Karthigai Deepam’ and the movie itself opens up with prayers at Tiruvannamalai.

Musique de démonstration.

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