Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Farm in FaceBook

There is a saying in Tamil which emphasizes the three basic necessities of life – ‘Food’, ‘Clothing’ and ‘Shelter’. Food forms the basic of everything.  Zynga has put in a considerable effort in bringing out an application called ‘Farmville’ on Facebook to kindle everyone’s interest in agriculture at least from an e-desktop perspective.

Just thought of sharing about this game with a snapshot of my farm. Currently planted ‘Cranberry’, ‘Daffodils’ with a Cherry and a Guava tree. Don’t expect fancy things like other farmers. Currently I am not not just a beginner and amateurish farmer but also have a paucity of time to focus on that.


No one can underestimate the greatness of agriculture. Only if some one enters the slushy paddy fields we can have a sumptuous food to eat. Even Vivek tells about this in one comedy movie track that even if the world perishes at least the agriculturist would survive.

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