Saturday, November 20, 2010

November wins another sweetness–“The Birth of Time”

Taking our philosophy and practice of November being a birthday month, we would like to again re-emphasize the month of November-December (Mrigashira) also features Kala Bhairava Jayanthi. Every month the eighth day after the full moon day is considered as Kalabhairavastami. Whilst every month’s Kalastami (shortly known for Kalabhairavastami) is considered as Kala Bhairava’s Power Time, the annual jayanthi of Him is considered very auspicious.

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  1. Astroved
  2. Bhairava

Let us listen to a melodius prayer song of Kalabhairavastakam in the voice of Uma Mohan here.

  1. Dog is considered as a vehicle of Kalabhairavan. Hence let us ensure that dogs are not abused and treated with love and affection. Check our our discussion on the need to care for dogs here.
  2. Time and tide wait for none. Hence let us ensure that every second is spent with care towards positive things only. Let us favorite Todolist help us in this mission.
  3. "If you insult time, you are insulting Kala Bhairava."~ Dr. Pillai, founder of AstroVed
  4. November and specifically November 2010 wins the pride of being a divinity birthday month blessing all and specially celebrating birthdays this month.
  5. Update on 24th November 2010. An update from Dinamalar regarding Bhairavar jayanthi in a temple in Tamil Nadu:


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