Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tear drops of good should trigger and open flood gate spate blood-bath of evil…

Neither am I Adolf Hitler
Neither am I Nethaji
Nor am I Anniyan/Aparicit
But my objective is simpler. Good people should be saved from suffering. Good people must be made to smile always. When a good soul is made to have tear drops rolling down their cheeks I think the best bet solution is to identify the culprit behind it and and slam a kumbhipakam on them.
What is kumbhipakam?
Here oil is kept boiled in huge vessels and sinners are plunged in this vessels.
What triggered me to research this?A Google Talk conversation. If I respond directly then the other person would feel pity for the evil one because of being kind hearted. Also the other person might start sensing that I am getting disturbed, which in turn would disturb the good ambience. Hence initiating this brainstorming exercise.
[Person names are suppressed for privacy reasons.]
Source Courtesy: Archana

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