Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks for the tonnage of birthday wishes!

This day (10th of November 2010) dawned out with enormous jubilation.

  1. The Pilot Wish from the Abode of the Chief of the Lords: The joyous thunderous wishes started pouring even from 7th November 2010 with the first birthday wish from Kaattawakkam Viswarooopa Lakshmi Narasimhan temple trust Sri Parthasarathy.
  2. Sincere thanks for the breezy sweet wishes that turned on 12 AM Indian Time from the divine city of Srirangam.
  3. Gratitude to the thanks from serene city of Seattle at 12 AM New York Time.
  4. Heart-felt thanks to my friends from United Kingdom and European Union for the gracious greetings and lovely blessings.
  5. The torrential downpour of greetings from Toronto was simply inspiring, encouraging and taking me to great heights.
  6. Sweet loves and affectionate wishes from the friend’s neighborhood in FaceBook and Google Blogger.
  7. The Birthday Calendar which ran an innovative countdown and wishes in its own novel way:


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