Friday, January 28, 2011

Manmadhan Ambu -- A Critical Movie Review

The Universal Hero Kamalhasan seems to have falsified our hopes of giving a thoughtful film through this crappy product. I am sorry but have to be frankly admitting the fact. Some of the best films of Kamal were as below:

  1. Chachi 420/Avvai Shanmugi -- Strong support of family ethics even challenged by external factors; embedded with lust-less lustrous comedy
  2. Panchatantiram -- Passionate love for Mythili from Ram CM (aka) Ramachandra Moorthy. 
The divine seed between life partners should be sowed with trust. When the basic 'trust' is missing and the 'apprehensions' are a catapult on the fine fabric of divine relationship I don't think they are travelling anywhere. With the emphasis on trust and transparency alone is the only thing the film has in positive. The minuses are a lot.
  1. Romance is a mild p0rn
  2. Songs are a amiss.
Sorry Kamal. Can not approve. We would like to see you to radically refine your ways in giving films like Chachi 420 wherein comedy and family welfare reigns supreme rather than such crazy romantic paramour gimmicks. 

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