Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Treasured Holy Sunday Sabbath ...

Today since early morning it had been very impeccably religious for me and the divine Saatvik vibrations had been reverberating through my home thanks to Uma Mohan.  I had a little work and hence woke up early. Simultaneously I tuned on 'Amruthavarsha Volume 4' and specifically the Suprabatam songs.

Slowly was listening to a few Sacred Chants collections when my friend, Rajameenakshi pinged me on Facebook and tipped me to hear the live webcast of Naadha Vaibhavam from Perungalathur in the holy presence of Sri Sri Ravishankar ji.

Perhaps those getting to read this post at this time (9 AM Eastern of 30th January 2010) can try visiting to view and join the webcast.

The holy vibrations did set off a few more good things. A lot of unneeded dirt was forced into a recycling making the apartment truly holy and look spic-and-span.

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