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Satyam Satyam Ravi Nandana [A Quick Shani Deepika -- An appeal to Lord Shani Dev]

I just saw a small quote over here ( referred from 'Marriage Strike' fan page of Facebook comparing that 498a turbulences are more heavier than the rage of Saade Saati (otherwise known as ஏழரை நாட்டுச் சனி). Perhaps that was the seed for me to write a small appeal or prayer (or in a very humble gesture a little scribbling screaming request to Lord Shanidev, the hard task master of the Universe). 'Deepika' means newspaper or a summary of news. Though I don't want to boast in composing this small composition in praise of Lord Shani and as an appeal it is our custom to introduce ourselves ('Abhivadhanam'). That is the reason I chose to name this quick composition as 'Deepika' (the name itself tweaked from 'Deepak')

All prayers for world peace and solidarity are answered in more vigor when there are more voices. Let us together pray to the Almighty for a peaceful universe for every entity in this universe.

****Over to the deepika....****

Dear Lord Shani Dev,

The universe knows that you are a best giver and best confiscator. "சனியைப் போல கொடுப்பாரும் இல்லை கெடுப்பவரும் இல்லை" is the famous saying of our elders in praise of you and your judgments.

There is a stiff competitor for you because of stupid draconian laws in many parts of the world and I would make a particular reference to Bharatvarsh known in contemporary age as India. However the contemporary draconian laws of the Indian constitution have sworn to give us the following:
  1. an eternal constipation, 
  2. incessant shock waves, 
  3. tremendous tremor and 
  4. tumultuous turbulences beyond our normal tolerance levels and bearable capacities thus making the situation resemble to us as if they are outsmarting the top gears of the Shani dosha periods like 'Saade Sati', 'Astama Shani' etc. 

Dear Shani Dev! We are tired
  • to continuously confront family sabotage (laws), 
  • lewd comments from lecherous people, 
  • continuous striking of extra-marital relationships on the pretext of modernity, 
  • avaricious greed from a sizable chunk of nasty nastikas (atheists) pretending to be rationalists who are in fact radicals and in fact who are a threat to the peace and solidarity of the universe, 
  • credit thefts wherein people suck one's work and take the credit on to their account leaving the hard-worker at lurch,
  • see our hard-efforts and hard-earned resources benefiting the illegal people,
  • to see despite our true honest hard work we are denied of the ethically sweet fruits,
  • to see good people perishing and bad people proliferating and prospering,
  • to see that vegetarians are diminishing in number preying upon our dumb friends in zillions,
  • to see that other cults are damaging our Dharma by way of unethical conversions, denigration of our deities on the pretext of modernization, novel representation, creativity and advertisement. We know that it is our duty or karthavya (duty) to protect Dharma which in turn would protect us ("Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha") but going by the various negative factors and distressing energies which are weakening us beyond normal speculations in even carrying our duty thus making it accountable as criminals in your holy books and thus incurring your wrath further.
Dear Shaniswara! We understand some or all or more of the points narrated above are the hallmarks of Kaliyuga. But that does not mean even an iota of righteousness should not survive. That does not mean you Almighty should be silently witnessing the furore created by bad people infested with malefic thoughts to forward their sinister goals in all and every illicit means and illegitimate measures.

Dear Ravi Nandana! You are the best hard task master -- rewarding the righteous and punishing the unscrupulous. But a good chunk of plagiarizing unscrupulous rapscallions in the cadres of state administration that are framing such half-baked laws try to copy only your punitive style and are only depleting our resources, energy and peace of mind.  We are pretty sure that you are also accounting for their deeds and would take them to task when the time comes by. We trust that you would rescue us from getting destroyed totally but at the same time the stress and pain that we are forced to endure as if we are touching the gateway to the palace of your younger brother ('Lord Yama') is simply untenable to be described in any mundane worldly languages or expressions. It is only you who can discern it from the sufferings of our inner Atman.  It is also you that shoulder the moral obligations to protect the oppressed from the clutches of these devils. 

Dear Elder Brother of Lord Yama! We know your cycles are slow. We are aware that you move rather slowly through the universe and through the horoscope houses. We also take this occasion to remind ourselves time and again that the challenged periods of our lives due to the various planetary positions are gentle reminders for us to streamline our activities towards Saatvik lifestyle, to abstain from raja/tama and to desist seeking solace from the forbidden fruits.  At the same time we stand to seek your protection against the wicked forces which have sworn to succumb us to their bestial instincts and thereby forcing us to do wicked things which makes us accountable as evils in your holy accounting books.

Dear Oh Saturn! You only can save us from the clutches of these satans. 

Dear Saturn! We beg your pardon
  • for zillions of offences that might and would have crept in through our entities' representation with and/or without our knowledge and connivance,
  • for acting for and/or on behalf of satanic creatures against Dharma any/or all times in any of our births before, contemporary and/or current or the future,
  • for neglecting the supreme God and thinking that we own the pride of the virtues that are being enjoyed by us in the world,
  • for tormenting other Atmans sometime or other either physically or mentally.
Kim Shani Bahun-Okten Jalpitena punah punah Anyen-Me Sharanam Na-Asti Satyam Satyam Ravi Nandana!

Om Sham Shaneeswaraya Namaha!

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