Saturday, January 15, 2011

Makara Jyothi Tragedy -- Political Terrorism in Sabarimala?

Due to the crazy politics and lazy police and security forces, the divine Hills of Sabarimala have been forced to witness a gruesome stampede claiming upto and beyond 102 people in a weird bizarre incident during the holy Makara Jyothi on 14th January 2011.

Check out the news here. Whilst we observe a two-minute silence for the peace of the departed souls, I would like to draw everyone's attention to a few eerily scary thoughts that have been going around Sabarimala.

  1. The most choicest abode of the Lord had been the victim of politics and rampant Christian missionary propagation (who lobby in the dirty government) time and again. We can find crazy Christian pamphlets being distributed right near Nilakkal too -- all with the patronage of the cops and crazy Kerala politicians.
  2. We did have another hysteric proposal from the brainless political administrators in July which can be seen over here. I think it is something similar to the story in Maanagara Kaval where the New Delhi police would come late to enable terrorists come in police disguise to make good the escape of the terrorist head.  A few religious terrorists might have bribed the police and other security forces to trigger this mishap to bring a bad name to our spiritual and holy centers.
Just wanted to remind a few things:
  1. Let us follow the austerities stipulated for Ayyappa vratham very rigorously. Check out our previous discussion on it here. If you can not follow it for the year I don't think your conscience should allow you from crossing anywhere inside the Pathanamthita district. 
  2. Sabarimala is not a tourist place and if there is a myth created that way let us dispel it immediately. It is a holy and the most holiest pilgrimage place hosting the most sacred spot of the universe (Sreekoil and Sannidhanam). It is a divine place of merging of Jeevatma and Paramatma. It is a place of one's self understanding (Tat Tvam Asi). 
  3. Given an authority I would not even spare people showing indiscipline crossing the Pampa Ganapathy ascending even on the sacred Neelimala hills and would even throw them into the gutter if they resort to.
Looks like some bad eye is cast on Sabarimala bringing this mishap. Let us have a small prayer to Tryambakam to ward off evil eyes from Sabarimala and making it evergreen symbol of proud pilgrimage center all ever.

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