Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Virus Bomb Attack II -- Action Foiled

About two days back the person who bombed me earlier with scary viruses were trying out now with password protected zip file containing another set of deadly viruses. I just wanted to let them know through their other post that my system no longer knows what a virus is. Because I no longer use Windows and/or no longer can not afford one as my primary desktop operating system nor my business does. I do use Windows at work at in a different workstation which does not have email/internet access.

Furthermore I would also like to notify them that their identity has been confirmed and the two-letter hardware manufacture organization's security team has been tipped off regarding their malicious intentions. A copy of all the emails has also been recorded with Computer Emergency Response Team (India). I have also recalled a past bleak incident regarding an obscene email attack on the other part of me. 

Hence next time if this user is going to count message bombs it is not me that is going to bother but the tasks have been relegated and delegated to experts in the subject matter.

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