Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Showers on 26th January 2011

There has been incessant wintry showers since morning. It wasn't just another set of snowfalls but ice flakes and strong winds. Despite having multiple layers of warm dressing and carrying umbrellas to protect yourself from ice showers one can witness wading through at least two inches of snow.

The weather forecasts warn at least 6+ inches of snow tonight and a severe weather alert through the state.  Just a snapshot of my Ubuntu's desktop weather watch is shared across here:

Despite stiff inclement weather I managed to clip a few snaps and have shared across here. Pardon me for the low resolution because I have a really old dumb low resolution mobile camera over here.

There are a few learnings from this video:

  1. A maiden venture to transmit 3G2 files to a video publishing website rather than bugging around an intermediate FLV conversion procedures.
  2. All videos were less than 10 seconds because otherwise my mobile is not able to Pix-Transmit the message and I don't have any other device like bluetooth or other auxiilaries at my disposal.

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