Monday, February 28, 2011

Daylight -- Harnessing its advantages

In less than a fortnight we would need to push our clock an hour ahead to welcome spring ('Spring Ahead Fall Back' axiom of Daylight). I  hear from a few people that Daylight means trauma in a number of perspectives:

  1. When you have offshore units to interact and particularly with Far-East and Asia Pacific when they call you it becomes really late in the night.
  2. Adjusting time manually is an headache.
I would say we can take this in a very positive way to induce more energy, optimism and thus enhancing our personal and professional productivity to greatest levels. Here are my propositions:

  1. Avoid interacting with the Far-East and Asia-Pacific over the  night. You can prefer to have the conversations early in the morning (that would be early evenings for them). Also since you get to interact from evening you gain a good control over the progress of the work besides the fact that early morning work for us would also gain more productivity. It is actually a Win-Win offer.
  2. Adjusting time manually is a boon. We tend to get early and thus the harness the benefits of Brahma Muhurtha
So next time we see some one lamenting pessimistically on Daylight just give him a pat on his back and ask him to look towards the sunshine it brings along with it.

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