Monday, February 21, 2011

Waking up my Lord with the sweet enchanting voice of Uma Mohan's team

Monday morning as I woke up today just felt like switching on the Audio Player with Amruthavarsha Vol 4 (Audio book) which has the following songs:

01. Introduction
02. Venkatesha Suprabhaatham
03. Venkatesha Sthotrhram
04. Venkatesha Prapathi
05. Venkatesha Mangala Shaasanam
06. Raama Sthothram
07. Raama Ashtakam
08. Raama Karnaamrutham
09. Krishna Sthothras
10. Krishna Karnaamrutham
11. Hari Ashtakam

The classic Venkatesha Suprabatham in Uma's unique rendition mode of soft soothing music is sure to make the Lord a sweet kid and to give Him a pleasant wake-up call. The other slokas are for sure to boost you with good energy to welcome a new business week with more vigor and passion ensuring that you are spiritual all the way through.

Just thought would share this across here. For those interested you can order Amruthavarsha Vol 4 from a local music store or check out from from the following:

  1. Pragnya
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Om Namo Venkatesaya!!!!

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