Saturday, April 09, 2011

Comprehensive Information about people's representatives

Here is a beautiful website providing comprehensive information about your so-called representatives:

And with the state elections in Tamil Nadu quite near, check out before walking into the polling booth to ensure that you cast your votes on a more right person. At least these days of politics you don't find a good one. I would say even the callous statement "ராமன் ஆண்டால் என்ன ராவணன் ஆண்டால் என்ன" should now change as "ராவணன் ஆண்டால் என்ன துரியோதனன் ஆண்டால் என்ன". That is the sad plight of the current administration. Even then it is better that you exercise your franchise so that at least a relatively lesser wicked is chosen and if you overlook your rights of franchise a worst demon might sit atop your arse/head.

And a quick bite of info. Here is something about Muthuvel Karunananidhi who is currently occupying the chair of the Chief Minister:

Crime History of Muthuvel Karunanidhi



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