Monday, April 11, 2011

Deepak's Travelog is now LD-Voyage

The Deepak's Travelog being served at is now being migrated and served from I am in the process of importing the posts from Blogdrive to Wordpress. 

Why is the move?
  1. Better and powerful blogging platform @Wordpress.  Whilst blogdrive is no doubt a very good blogging website Wordpress has still powerful features like spam protection and templating.
  2. You may have observed that even Windows Live Spaces blog is being now powered by Wordpress.
Whilst this move is happening you may find the older posts appropriately cataloged into the newer blog. Spam comments would be dropped whilst importing. If you suspect a spam comment creeping in inadvertently then drop me a note. And similarly if you find a genuine comment that you have seen in the erstwhile blog but that got dropped in LDVoyage, I sincerely apologise for the same. Please let me know of the same and I would import it. 

The import/export is being managed by an automated script.

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