Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Additions to my personal jukebox

This is my newest addition to my personal music collection. Melodius sanskrit verses bringing Tirumala right to your desktop with my living room just vibrating with the incessantly invigorating chant of Govinda.  It looks there is a rendition of the same from Dr. S. P. Balasubramaniam too.
I would suggest you check the same from your local music store and/or Amazon to sweep in positive spiritual vibes to us and our ambience.  Frankly speaking I did nurture a kind of hatred and/or abeyance of devotion to Tirumala and Ranganathan which might be deduced from a few turbulent tremors a couple of years back. My sincere thanks to my guru (Smt. Uma Mohan), Sri Ranganatha Temple (Pomona NY) and LBM to clear the various hurdles and bring back the devotion to the paramatma which is the true bliss compared to the mundane distractions and diversions.
Om Namo Venkatesaya!
[Sri Venkatesam Manasa Smarami]

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