Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Quick Timer on Google Chrome

Are you the one who forget the day-to-day chores and routines when you launch the browser and go online? Then this Chrome Extension (Timer) is for you. It can start a stopwatch behind the scenes and when the time is up it would give a gentle toaster message near the system clock 'The time is up'. 

At least for me it is very useful in the following aspects:

  • Save my food from being over-cooked whilst I do something important online. 
  • Ensure that any one task item in my Todolist does not take too much of resources and time and I give a fair share to all the items which are driven to completion in perfection.

A few things that would be desirable in the tool are:

  • More repeatable alarm
  • Optional high audio MP3 support (so that even when I am away from the computer in a different room I am being gently reminded of the timer.
  • Snooze support


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