Saturday, April 09, 2011

Wasim Khan -- What is in the name for Kollywood?

Being a weekend I was just went to a nearby theater which is basically a non-airconditioned old-styled talkie one to watch a Vijaykanth film 'Vallarasu'. Interestingly in the evening the local cable was telecasting 'Roja'. Both the films have national sentiments of campagning against terrorists. Interestingly the prime villain terrorist in both the names is 'Wasim Khan'. I am not sure if there is any hidden meaning in 'Wasim Khan' and why distinct set of Kollywood directors zero in on this name for their villain.

And similarly there is another trend in Indian movies. The contemporary civil villains are normally named behind explosives and/or variants of them. A couple of examples in this perspective are:

  1. 'Power' in 'Gandhipuram'
  2. 'RDX' in 'Aadhi'.

Can these nomenclature be brought under censorship radar?

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