Saturday, June 04, 2011

Agni Suktham -- A Gesture to Offer Evil Things to Agni

A whilst back we saw a petition to Varuna Suktham for the peace of Green Earth. Effectively when Varuna is going to help out the world from the Sun and Agni (the fangs of fire) they would be become infurious because their prey is let out. This request is a gesture to feed them with what we don't require but that would fit their good lunch and also help clean the world (Three mangoes in one stone! :))

What they can have for their lunch?

  1. The Lust people. 
  2. The Greedy People
  3. The Shameless Politicians that loot the country
  4. Unscrupulous Service Providers
What they should protect and desist from harming?
  1. The true, honest and the saatwik
  2. Flora
  3. Fauna
  4. Beautiful Nature
There are a good number of them in our Bharatvarsh. Sun and Agni would indeed bless us and they would join us in our invocation of Varuna Suktham.

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