Monday, June 13, 2011

Safeguarding the interests of developers in IT field ...

India is for sure an evolving business hub of Information Technology. However with this rapid growth we also get a few shrubs and weeds wherein unscrupulous identities take advantage of the innocent towards satisfying their bestial instincts.

I have a lot of evidences of such callous organizations which have only embraced and/or dug their own grave in a very short run. I was just thinking that we should have a movement to educate bona fide ambitious aspirants into IT/ITES fields from being wary of such dragnets. The other issue with such unscrupulous organizations is that they also resort to all sorts of immoral trafficking (particularly of the female workforce) besides the amount of software piracy that they resort to. All they want is to build their private 'ex-chequers' at the cost of society.

Whilst browsing through Facebook I came across an innovative community called 'Microsoft/Google Purchasers' which seems to be precisely the same objective as this post.
  1. "Stop Involving In Piracy". If you have a true talent then come in and use it for the development and mutual prosperity of you and the society. 
  2. The next time you observe some lecherous lewd boss or disgraceful manager then be sure to have us informed over here and tag them as MGPs. We can get them  develop GPFs (General Protection Faults) sooner or later.

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