Monday, September 12, 2011

Gifting of a Lexar Jumpdrive by Bank of America

A while back there was a small Target gift card from Bank of America. Today I just thought would pay a visit to the Target mall here to see what is good. Had it been Amazon there would be a different strategy to avoid the shipping fees and get it. For Target to qualify for free shipping online, you need to book at least $50 worth of goods.

After a while the only item that I could afford with the gift card and was good was a Lexar Jump Drive. Don't worry. The illustration was lifted courtesy Bing Images. But the one I ordered was only a single piece of 4 GB storage.

Glad that Bank of America is able to reward the customers for the spends on the credit card but only thing is that they ought to restrict the amount of telemarketing calls on the pretext of those cranky surveys at odd hours despite being protected by Do Not Call Registry.

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