Saturday, November 19, 2011

A wish-cum-feedback in my birthday month ...

There was an interesting grammatical breakdown in my birthday post;  in Microsoft Word perspective, a singular-plural disagreement.  My heart-felt thanks to Lavanya for bringing the same to my kind attention.

You may be aware that I really feel happy when receiving comments-for-improvements which make me more dynamic rather than 'appreciations'. When you receive an appreciation the immediate gesture would be 'sit down and relax' which would slow down the progress. On the other hand a comment-for-improvement would make you tread ahead with more vigor and passion.

Frankly I logged into my blogger to share the song 'Nalam Vazha' which is by far the best melodious song as a 'birthday wish' as celebrated in the pages of 'LD'. I am glad that the birthday post itself had gathered a quick and good observation on the same.

Whilst that I was feeling glad from the early afternoon of November 9 till the Hawaiian evening of November 10 there was some feeling of something missed out around 1.30 PM Eastern on November 9 (with the daylight turned off). I am glad that this wish-comment filled out the gap. Trust things are good with you. Take care, sweetheart.

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