Saturday, May 12, 2012

What a radical change and effect of 'Kali'!

Today I was watching two movies on local cable television. Interestingly both were loosely based on the lives of Varadarajan Mudaliyar, who was a society-made don of Mumbai a few years back. I know you would recognized the movies -- 'Nayakan' and 'Dayavan' were the movies.

The sequel of the events in the movie are really heart-rending. A few of them are being summarized below:

  1. The movie itself being opened up with a dragnet of false hopes and then killing of the innocent kid's dad on the pretext of 'encounter'. Even today, there is a widespread allegation against the police department that the number of claimed encounters are staged against the innocent and the accused are walking away scott-free and with collars raised without fear of anything.
  2. The lifestyle of people have changed a lot too. It is a general perception that the members in a typical harlotry or brothel do that to satisfy their bestial instincts however it is a sad fact that they are forced into such horrible life by the power and potential of influential people to get their beastly desires appeased and catered to.
  3. The movie shows Saranya (Madhuri in Dayavan) as a destitute school girl who is forced into prostitution. It is a heart-rending scene that she pleads for some time to the customer to study for the examinations. Where are the current day contemporary movies going to? A good number of movies nowadays show and patronize school day lust and love. We do see a number of school students eloping too.
  4. Criminals are not born but they are made by the unscrupulous people in the society. This sad truth is clearly indicated and succinctly illustrated in the story.
At this point it is the sad truth that one of the close associate of this blogger had a few situations that confronted him a few years back which might have turned him into a heinous merciless ruthless murderer but I had to personally help him out of the mess.  It was not me since I was only instrumental but the credit of saving the train from a potential derailment is solely attributed to my friend and pet, Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa and my guru, Shanidev.  That is another story!

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