Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We vehemently condemn the blatant denigration of Andal by Manonmaniyam Sundaranar University

It is terribly dis-heartening to hear that one of the old universities in Tamil Nadu and which also occupies the blissful position of being in the neighborhood of Sri Villiputhur has committed a blatant and horrendous blunder of scribbling garbage on Andal.

A following report has been sent to appropriate authorities on the same.

Dear Team,

There is a highly disparaging and highly disgusting denigratory attempt of Manonmaniyam Sundaranar University against Andal who is worshipped as a consort of Lord Vishnu and author of Thiruppavai and a number of literary works which are part of Naalayira Divyap Prabhandham.

The in-detail news coverage is at http://www.dinamani.com/edition/story.aspx?&SectionName=Latest%20News&artid=618912&SectionID=164&MainSectionID=164&SEO=&Title= A snapshot of the same is also enclosed along with this note.

The most highly derogatory remarks like Andal being treated as a call-girl and a lesser known/unknown king had been acting as a sugar-daddy with his cheap gesture of sending gifts to Andal in an attempt to seduce her are highly condemnable. 

This gesture can also be deemed as an insult to the Government of Tamil Nadu itself because our symbol is the temple of Sri Villiputhur, abode of Andal. Under these circumstances, I think this is a clear handi-work of some anti-social with a malicious intent of spreading ill-will and hatred in our society.

We would like you to look into the following and would appreciate the following actions ASAP:
  1. Get the offending remarks in the educational materials removed in Toto forthwith without any demur or delay.
  2. Recall all issues of educational materials carrying these obnoxious material.
  3. Direct the university to conduct a press-release and deliver a public apology for hurting the sentiments of millions of devotees of Andal.  We would also appreciate if they include an assurance to prevent re-occurence of such heinous blunder in future.
  4. Get the educational department and the police to trace the offenders and take severe criminal, legal, penal and disciplinary action immediately and in such a way which would act as a deterrent for future offenders.
I think our IPC should be strenghtened in the lines of Garuda Puranam and the befitting punishment for this crime as per Garuda Puranam is (Ksharakardamam).

There is also a change.org proposal which some one has created on this topic that is crusading against this heinous offence: http://www.change.org/petitions/tamil-nadu-government-remove-in-factual-atrocious-portion-from-university-syllabus

  1. HJS Mumbai and USA Team
  2. Teams at Manonmaniyam Sundaranar University
  3. His Excellency, the Governor of Tamil Nadu, who is considered the chancellor of our universities.
  4. The Chief Minister's Special Cell, Government of Tamil Nadu.
  5. Commissioner of Police, Chennai.
  6. HR&CE, Tamil Nadu
  7. Aaj Tak
  8. Star Vijay
  9. Jaya TV
  10. NDTV
  11. Junior Vikatan

Andal is considered as an embodiment of Mother Earth, who stands testimony for her patience. Let us not tolerate offenders who play with Her which would in turn infuriate the nature causing more earthquakes, Tsunamis, volcanic lava eruptions and natural calamities worldwide.

Kothai piRandha voor Govindan vazhumoor 
Neethiyal nallapaththar vazhumoor nAnmaRaigalothumoor 
Villipuththur vEdakkOnoor padangal theerkum paramanadikatti 
VEdamanaithukkum viththagum kothai thamizh iyandhumindhum 
aRiyadha manidarai vaiyam sumappadhum vambhu. 

Thanks and Regards,

Deepak Vasudevan

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