Saturday, August 04, 2012

Welcome aboard Thulam!

Today (Shanivar -- Saturday) Shani transits into Thulam from Kanya rasi. The Kanya rasi goes into the third phase of Saade Saathi and Thulam fraternities step into the second phase of Saade Saathi.

Shani has a lot of glories to sing in His name.

  1. A more strict and spiritual task master besides a hard-and-fast jury. I admit that there is no 'fast' with him though. He patiently waits a lot  and when the patience expires, the patient has to patiently endure a lot of his 'bliss' or 'curse'.
  2. The nature of 'unbiased' state should be learnt and emulated from Him.
  3. More duty-bound. King Dasharath who vehemently opposed Shani from entering the Rohini star*, well knowing that opposing Shani is to host a red carpet welcome to death was indeed appreciated and blessed by Shani for his religious duty bound nature of being citizen-protectionist. His song on Shani has been blessed by Shani itself as Dasharath Kruth Shani Stotram which is an effective medication during the phase of Saade Saathi and other pertinent Shani mahadashas. You may hear a dramatized version of the same from Mahima Shani Dev Ki here.
*Shani entering Rohini Star is considered highly harmful for kingdoms. The last known Rohini-Shani syndrome was witnessed by the befall of Nepal kingdom and the worst terrorist attack of World Trade Center by Osama Bin Laden.

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