Thursday, April 14, 2016

Purging of unneeded data card numbers. Thanks for assistance from @VodafoneIN and @BSNLCorporate

It happens at times that we end up getting superflous SIM cards and they remain inactive in our names. And interestingly our service providers are not willing to listen for churn/deactivation if it happens to be prepay services. For me I had four such numbers with the following providers:

  1. Vodafone Data Card Number obtained in 2013. They confirmed churned and out of my name as of 21st March 2014
  2. BSNL Data Card Number obtained in 2014. They confirmed churned and out of my name as of December 2015
  3. Vodafone Standby Number obtained in 2015 during the issue of 'Gender Harassment'. Pending confirmation from Vodafone
  4. Datacard Standby Number obtained from BSNL in early 2015. Ported to Aircel for a while. Ported to Idea Cellular for a while. Idea Cellular did not now how to deactivate churn. So ported to Vodafone in 2016 and requested deactivation and churn. Process of churn in process.


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