Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pepper Spray -- Novel Defence of Girls/Working Women

Pepper Spray -- Novel Defence of Chennai Girls

I think it is time for EveTeasers in Chennai to start encountering the toughest of thier times since a novel product called Wild-to-Wild (A Self Protection Pepper Spray) seems to be available in Chennai and other parts of India too. I read this in a local magazine from Tambaram previous week. Today I was relatively free and then checked a couple of websites to get more details to share it with other readers too.

What is Wild-to-Wild?

It is a small can, with the capacity of 50 ml to 100 ml packed with a mixture of red chili pepper extracts. This is mainly to serve as a self-defense for girls travelling lonely from workplaces to homes in Chennai, who are being targetted by eve teasers. So, I think now it is the turn for eve-teasers to face the music they were giving to Prathiba, Nirmala, Sarika Shaw etc. The product also seems to have a good range of seven feet from which it can be sprayed and used.

How it is used?

A small spray fitting into the handbag of girls and when they feel that an opponent is too close and she feels inescapable at the moment, can use it against the offender's face. This would cause a temporary blindness for him almost incapacitating him for a while to make good her escape. The price seems to be bit costly ranging from 300 Rs. to 800 Rs. but I think with more small scale industries and home-made products coming into foray, this should see a reduction in cost.

Negative Aspects/Limitations

All is good. But there are certain negatives and limitations that need to be taken care too. Inadvertant use of the spray should be considered as a punishable offence. Just because holding the spray, the girl can not use it on her friend for fun. Similarly, while purchasing the spray, there is no evidence for the shopkeeper that it is being used only as a defense mechansim and not to harm others, either for fun or intentionally, which is a debated question that needs to be taken care of.

More information

  1. CIBS PepperSpray Article
  2. Manufactured by: Butterfly Electrical and Electronics. I think they should make efforts to export this product to Bangalore too.
  3. If you have more information about a similar product, please consider sharing it with other readers as comments.


Anonymous said...

I am Lt Col CR Sundar(Retd). I run Star Security Services. I also manufacture and market G-WAY CHILLI SPRAY. G-WAY stands for Go Away, Get Away...
G-WAY CHILLI SPRAY is a Spray and Escape Self Defence Device. It is ideal because it is easy carry, easy to bring into action and easy to use effectively.
Chilli is what is called pepper in USA. So let us not confuse it with our pepper.
G-WAY contains chilli oleoresin. It comes with a ready to use cap which is totally safe against accidental discharge or spray in the wrong direction.
G-WAY Chilli Spray will cause intense burning in the eyes and nose and its effect gives sufficient time for the victim to escape.
M Aarthi Latha of Deccan Chronicle wrote an interesting article on G-WAY CHILLI SPRAY which appeared in their issue of 23 Feb 06. Again Anne Thomas wrote about G-WAY in DNA Mumbai on 21 Mar 2006. You can access the article at
Anumita of Kolkata Telegraph and Yashoda Pratap of Kannadaprabha have interviewed me and are due to write about G-WAY.
As we go along I will give you more details and post pictures. For the time being please inform your readers to contact me on phone 044-22290186 or write to Star Security Services, 43, 24th St., Padmavathy Nagar, Selaiyur, Chennai - 600 073.
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I am in the process of appointing district wise dealers in all districts of our country. As you have suggested Bangalore is of primary interest to us.
I am actively propagating G-WAY Chilli Spray as the only reliable self defence device for the elderly and ladies.
G-WAY CHILLI SPRAY comes with an elaborate user manual which I have compiled so that the possesser knows how and when to use it and what are the legal protections and punishments for its correct and incorrect usage.
I request the blog author and his readers to contact me on my website or on 938 273 4663 for further information.
I am looking forward to the day when G-WAY CHILLI SPRAY will be available in every woman's handbag, every car and in the bedroom and entrance door of flats occupied by the elderly.

With Warm Regards,
Lt Col CR Sundar

Soumyadeep Ray said...

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Anonymous said...

As per Wikipedia, even in war it is banned. "Pepper spray is banned for use in war by Article I.5 of the Chemical Weapons Convention which bans the use of all riot control agents in warfare whether lethal or non-lethal".

How can we normal people can hold this?.
If we spray, it will have its sure effect on others too who are surrounding us.

we have to take a firm experiments before encouraging this.

Even if the so called politicians, makes this is legal in India, they too have to think twice on this.

I was the victim of this particular pepper spray. One container, a girl who carried with her dropped her bag from the bus. The container which had this pepper spray under pressure burst and made all the other two wheeler and other people surrounded to cry without having done anything...

Take care of this.