Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Flagging on in an Active Financial Year

Flagging on in an Active Financial Year

Well! The Financial Year of our country ranges from April to March. But on personal fronts, we seldom count April and May towards investments and long term planning for simple reasons like these months, we tend to be with our families in cool hill resorts, depending upon the personal budgets, escaping the scorching heat of the Kathiri Veyyal (Hot Summer). Perhaps I would like to recall for the readers, an earlier post of Hot summers in Chennai.

Start with June, the kids in the family would be busy getting up ready for school and our attention to the work too would be in full swing and hence our focus to investments towards taxation purposes too.  This time, I have a lot of my friends, ushering in on entering new houses rather than getting constrained to rented tenements.

While Sengu sent me an invitation for his house-warming ceremony at Pondicherry, there were a couple of house-warmings of my other colleagues in and around Medawalkkam, about four kilometers from my residence. The latest to join our bandwagon in Medawalkam is Ramesh. Santosh takes a detour as his proposed apartment is in the South East tip of Chennai (near Pallavaram) which can be checked out from here

There are more potential to growth and encouragement. With TechEd 2006, around the corner there is more vibrant enthusiastic spirit of development for IT fraternity.


Anonymous said...

hi Deepak,

I was searching for Nemili Sri Bala temple and came across ur blog. My name is Shriram Venkatraman. I am a PhD student currently in the USA. I have been a constant visitor to this blog of urs. I get that real Indian touch from ur blog. I read ur blog to get that man vasanai feeling. I am also from Chennai--Thiruvanmiyur. I get to know that ur a real comp geek from ur blogs. Ur a good inspiration.

Anyway, Ur website www.lavanyadeepak.tk doesnt work. why is that? By the way ur travel to diff punya kshetras was really nice.
my email add is shriram.venkatraman@gmail.com
just wanted to say a Hi to u. Will surely recommend ur blog to some of my frinds in Chennai who r into
hardcore software lines. By the way ur blogs are really good and informative for comp enggs.
keep up the great work.
My best wishes to u and ur fiance (Lavanya rite?)

Have a very nice day.

Deepak Vasudevan said...

Hi Shriram,

Thank you for dropping by and sharing your views. I am really glad to know that the blog really helped you out in getting more info on Nemili Bala Temple. I would really put this way -- it is all with the divine sankalpa of the Lord and the encouragement from the friends and visitors like you.