Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A lunch outing with a difference...

A lunch outing with a difference...

Today had been a bit busy day. I had a couple of personal bank tasks to see through and while at HSBC, there was a tring tring reminder from my Airtel and I got to recall that there was a lunch party of our team scheduled at Hotel Riveria, Adyar. In a way, I do understand and as far as possible, I avoid exorbitant parties like this for a simple reason, which my regular readers would know from here and appreciate.

However, even the most established of Windows Self Defense software in its XP2 avatar, Windows Firewall, was devised to accept and live with some exceptions. While it was taught by the folks and brahmas at Redmond only to ruthlessly drop network packets that were originating from the untrusted sources, it still ought to listen to the immediate user for what should be allowed and what should be dropped but of course with little and more freedom and restrictions.

Even today, while recieving the invitation-by-call, my personal policy took the upper stern stand and I was thinking. Actually, it was given by my lead, who is joining a new company sometime in a week's time.

There are a couple of occasions for which I have a treat-cum-party pending from my side. I just wanted to re-emphasize that I have'nt forgotten. The case of 'I forgot' happens with me only on two reasons:

  1. MSN Hotmail Calendar experiences a technical fault and drops a couple of appointments or reminders set.
  2. I am at vacation and away from the computer and hence unable to check and synchronize my events or have deferred them to a later date deliberately.

Well! Coming back to the main discussion thread again, I would anyway, take this occasion to congratulate my friend (Ramesh Nagarajan) best wishes and green pastures in his new field and new opportunity. I think this post caption does seem to differ from what is being the flow of the post and that essentially reflects the state of the mind too. When it comes to bidding farewell to a closer friend, it always is felt with a sense of cavity, inspite of the fact that they are benefitting otherwise. We always suffer a sort of psychic myopia. Is'nt it?

If I remember right, I think we almost joined in the same time period with even the roll numbers in the closer vicinity. With a couple of projects alone in different directions, the current one anyway gave more an opportunistic aspect of working along, moulding my mind in thinking in a more practical project perspective and realtime encounters rather than stupid mundane coding, which the Visual Studio .NET wizards and Rocky, the office Assistant in Microsoft Office Applications would do much better than me.

There is'nt anything to add and my mind keeps getting heavier. I would anyway, take this occasion to congratulate and express best wishes and green pastures in his new field and new opportunity.

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