Friday, June 16, 2006

Health Alert in Chennai

Health Alert in Chennai

With the climatic transition from Summer (Kathiri Veyyal) to the Aadi (July - August) month in progress, there has been a lot of incidents of infections spreading across the width and breadth of Tamil Nadu and its capital city of Chennai. The most significant among the infections that are currently causing panic in Tamil Nadu are:

  1. Chicken Fever (colloqially called as Chicken Gunya)
  2. Acute Conjunctivities (colloqially called as Madras Eye)

Here is a small introduction about this disease and quick helplines so that you can safeguard of yourself, your family and diseases and ensure that you have taken greatest care of your precious treasure and wealth, that is health.

Chicken Fever
This disease is spread by mosquitoes that proliferate and spread from stagnant water near the residence. This is a viral infection that causes symptoms like persistent fever and headaches. Though it does not cause death, the normal functioning of the patient is affected to the period of ten to fifteen days.

This is an eye infection which is caused by inflammation of the think skin covering the eyeball, which is called as Conjunctiva. There are two flavors of them:

  1. Viral Conjunctivities is also known as Acute Conjunctivities and/or also known as Madras Eye colloquially.
  2. Bacterial Conjunctivities, which is of milder form.

The disease is characterized by the symptoms like reddening of the eyes, irritation, burning and watering of the eyes. There are occasional incidences of conjunctivities also accompanied by fever and cold.

Both the diseases that have been discussed above, which are spreading through the length and breadth of the state are highly contagious and spread by people contact.

While the governments have stepped up the vigil through its public administration agencies to have the environments spic-and-span and to ensure healthy nation, it is our foremost duty also to support them in ensuring our immediate environment to be clean without any infections.

Check out this list of hospitals in Chennai for immediate healthcare attention and remedy.

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