Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cold Water after Hot Sun

Cold Water after Hot Sun

Chennai is reeling under extremely hot weather as we discussed over the other post. The day before yesterday, I needed to visit Adyar State Bank of India, which is just about 10 minutes drive from my workplace. But even that made things feel hotter. In a sense of exasperation and extreme dehydration, I gulped about half a gallon of ice cold water.

Wow! I guess that is enough for triggering enough of common cold and nasal congestion symptoms. Yesterday I had to call my physician, who is just next door to me in my same area (Dr. Leena Ranjit). A few quick and powerful drugs were administered to bring it under control. I guess, there is one more hidden lurking danger from weather in Chennai. Parts of Chennai are witnessing strong gusts of winds and light hailstorms. With these in place, it would for sure, trigger a lot of summer diseases. The simplest mantra for Kathiri summer of Chennai is Stay Safe... Indoors.

By the way, when I said HailStorm, I would also fondly recall about my experience in a Hailstorm while I was in Dallas.

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