Saturday, May 19, 2007

Chennai wins over the Sun City in the Hot Weather

Chennai wins over the Sun City in the Hot Weather

Every year, it used to be Vellore which used to log record-high temperatures. This year for a change it was Chennai which seems to be witnessing peculiarly high temperatures even to the tune of 110 degree Fahrenheit besides scores of persons succumbing to sun strokes across the city. Sometime back last year, we discussed about ' Heat waves lashing Chennai City'. This year, the condition seems to be still worser and hotter.  And typically for me, the entire week had been a bit herculean effort to bear up and getting used to Chennai Hot weather returning back from Texas, which has a good amicable weather. It used to be hot there but immediately you also get showers and winds.

The Sun God seems to be very merciful in bountiful fire showers through out the city. Even the drizzles and summer showers that used to punctuate the hot month of May in Chennai seems to be mysteriously missing this year. The red hot Kathiri of Chennai really makes everyone and every thing in Chennai as kathirikai (brinjal/eggplant) frying them in the open microwave oven.

I guess, this is the startup effect of Acute Deforestation that is being resorted to in various parts of the state. At least now, we should be caring for Mother Nature in making the earth look more greener planting more trees.

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