Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Sun Drove Me to AC Shelter

The Sun Drove Me to AC Shelter

It is a regular Saturday. What? Still not recalling? If it is Friday, you should be sure of not missing the interesting classic 'Friday' post in CodeProject Lounge. And Saturdays, it normally makes our routine temple visit. Today, I had a long list of tasks in my calendar. So I have been addressing it step-by-step and cleared all the backlogs.

I started at about half past two in the afternoon from home to Triplicane temple. I was afraid that I had to wait for a while in the hot bus stand besides needed to squeeze myself into a crowded bus. The buses on Velachery - Tambaram freeware are almost crowded throughout the days since it has become like a very important arterial segment connecting Tambaram (developing suburb) to Chennai metro. Both of my apprehensions turned false bringing great smiles. No sooner did I reach Kamarajapuram bus stand, than a 5A (Tambaram - TNagar) flew near me and stopped. And as a pleasant double (or quadrupled :) ) surprise, it was empty and I had seats to take too.

But when I came near Velacherry, I started developing a sense of uneasiness and giddiness, thanks to the Hot Sun in Chennai. Hence I chose to alight at Velacherry and drop in at Shriram Pharmacy and got a small glucose packet to keep sipping for a while. I thought I would drop in at my work for a while and go to temple only after 1730 hours. After 1700 hours normally, sea breeze sets in and it cools down. Interestingly yesterday night while I was travelling late home, I could see bright lightning and a couple of drizzles too. But there weren't any rains. Last week, it did rain a bit albeit in isolated fashion throughout the city. KKNagar, Anna Nagar were some of the city pockets that were benefeciaries.

Coming to the blog post caption, I fondly recalled Lakshman telling to Meghnath (Indrajit) "Indru poy naalai vaa" ("Go home and come tomorrow") in the Ramayana warfield. Did the sun try telling me "Ippo poy Apparama vaa?" ("Run to cool shelters and come out later?")

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