Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Early Stopping Detector Syndrome"

"Early Stopping Detector Syndrome"

We discussed sometime about a situation where sometimes the superior takes an unwarranted advantage and makes his subordinate very timid. About two days back, when I was travelling in the bus, two girls were sitting in the seat adjacent to me (across the aisle). One girl got up from the seat and went near the conductor (exit way) but two bus stops crossed but she didn't alight from the bus. The conductor was a friendly guy in that route. He asked her why did you you get up from the bus so early? She was telling that she had some confusion at workplace and because of that a little hallucinatory image struck well even before the stopping reached and hence she got up.

I just thought of sharing this incident with others. The simple moral rule is 'Remember IIS 6 way of operation. Run each process in its own process space. Your personal and professional chores should run in its own separate process space so that they do not interfere with each other normal performance or jeopardize the objectives of anything'. Your maligned superior or wilfully disobedient peer is just going to forget anything about you after you leave that atmosphere. It is the victim constantly churning the same incident repeatedly challenging one's own mental tranquility'.

Since the inspiration of this topic was a early bus stop detection effect because of rapid adrenalin effect, I just thought that would remain as a more befitting caption to help people to recover from such bad social elements.

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