Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thursday Temple Trip Reinstated

Thursday Temple Trip Reinstated

As I just mentioned in my other travelog and as a gentle response to the interim reschedule ("Why did I change my Weekly Triplicane Temple Schedule to Saturday?"), I just thought of sharing that the earlier trip schedules have been restored back. Interestingly, towards the close of old fiscal year (2008-09) and beginning of new fiscal year (2009-10), my Todolist ran through a lot of significant improvements in clearing the old backlogs and this one long pending issue got sorted out.

As I have pointed out in my previous discussion, one of the factor that brought the interim reschedule was malicious efforts of a non-Hindu guy and the reformation was chipped in back through a very good slogan of 'Jesus Calls Prayer Tower'. Whilst casually going through R.A. Puram Greenways road, I had a glimpse of seeing their board and the slogan of them 'Prayer brings victory'. It is succinctly evident that we should not be carried away by mundane distractive seductions rather ensure that our mind is focussed towards the noble objective of serving the Lord alone.

I thank the Lord for guiding me from the big cloud of confusion and dispelling the doubts and eclipses. Interestingly, when I travelled further that day, I found one more innovative church near CLRI, Adyar. They had a small digital clock put up near thier name board. The colon delimiter (:) between hours and minutes was really innovative. Instead of the usual colon delimiter, they had a blinking holy cross; again as a gesture and a reminder to us that we should always keep thinking of Lord's name alone.

It is not the religion that separates us. Whatever be the religion, if it is a good thought, let us try to absorb the same and get it into our religious practices too. All roads lead to Rome and similarly all religions just preach the best way to reach to the Lord and get His divine blessings to lead a noble life.

Interestingly, when I wanted to have this weekly temple trip started around ten years back, it was an inspiration from Christianity where Christians are regular to their Sunday Church visits. The most closest day similar to Sunday for them is Thursday and Saturday for us.

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