Thursday, June 04, 2009

It is time to change the mobile ...

It is time to change the mobile ...

My mobile (Nokia 6030) had been with me since 2006 May. You would have read my earlier post on my purchase of Nokia 6030. My mobile, due to ageing reasons, had been suffering a lot for a while, particularly ailing from the following symptoms:

  1. Failing battery. A pace-marker (replacement battery) could not help much too.
  2. Stability. Even a little vibration was enough to switch it off.

Currently due to various commitments and my Todolist only able to allocate a shoe string budget for this replacement, I had to go through a week's research on the migration strategy to a newer mobile. With inputs from my peers, I zeroed in on the following mobile model:

Samsung E1410 Guru Series

This along with the exchange of the old mobile came to around $55. Some of the quick and good features of the new mobile are:

  1. Music Player
  2. GPRS
  3. Voice Recording
  4. FM
  5. An adventure into Samsung product (a new one to explore)
  6. Away from Nokia, which is currently deteriorating in quality at least in India. I have shared another review on my few experiences with Nokia Customer Care here.

The customer representative where I purchased the mobile told me that this model would not have CellInfo display like in Nokia. Interestingly when I was going through the options, Menu -> Messages -> Broadcast -> Yes did enable the CellInfo display for me.

There is another interesting thing to observe. The cost of mobile in India is actually decreasing along with values being packed into it, thanks to the intense competition in the industry amongst multiple players. My first mobile (purchased around 2003) was Motorola T190, costed around $107.

Just thought of sharing this review with others so that more people can try exploring this Samsung model.

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