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The Elevator Culture

The Elevator Culture

In these days of skyscrapers mushrooming throughout the city, we can witness elevators (often called lifts) common in any buildings to help us ascend or descend the multiple floors with ease. Often to accomodate for a huge crowd, the business establishments plan out for at least five to six lifts in the lift lobby. There are a few tips that I just thought would share from the basic observations on what can be deemed as a good lift etiquette and to help other co-users too.

  1. Most lifts would have separate directional buttons to request lift arrival in the direction of our travel. Ensure that we press the appropriate button rather than trying to use a finger-jugglery of banging both.
  2. If the floor that we are trying to reach is just the neighbor floor to which where we are positioned at (say 1st floor and we are in ground floor), it would be a better deal to take the flight of stairs rather than using the services of the elevator. In this context, we are actually rendering a good service to the organization and to the country in a number of ways:
    1. Conservation of power
    2. Helping out co-users who need to traverse a number of floors
    3. Saving our own time instead of wasting on waiting for the elevator for a trivia crossing.
    4. A small health exercise
  3. When you enter into the lift and if is going to be unmanned (self-help), then push in the button on the lift control panel first. If you forget, you may reach a wrong floor and then waste your time reaching your floor again.
  4. If you are waiting for some one to join you before entering the elevator, refrain from entering it unless the person has reached it rather than entering it and then holding the lift for a long time causing much discomfort to other passengers.
  5. Whilst within the elevator, ensure that you respect other's privacy. This comes in a wide different forms:
    1. Give way to those who would like to alight at different floors before yours. They would request you when the door opens by telling 'Excuse me', but there is a lot of thing which can talk great about you, when you proactively ensure that you are not a thorn in their pathway.
    2. Mind your mobile ringtones. An elevator is a very small place. Loud ringtones may be pleasing for your ears but sound acidic for others who might be nurturing a lot of other confusions and thoughts in their mind. It would also be better to ensure that your mobiles are shown a silence mode whilst within the realm of elevators.

      For truant users, the organization or the building management should ensure that elevators are befitted with mobile jammers so that this discipline is automatically enforced for the betterment of everyone.
    3. Similar to what has been outlined in 5.2, also ensure that group talking within the elevator is minimized to a low volume level if it can not be avoided. This is to ensure the comfort of everyone in the lift besides the safety factor. In the unforeseen event of some safety hazard, your group talking might interrupt with the public address announcement and people might miss it. Even in the normal course of operation, the automatic announcement of floor arrival in the lift might get missed out by people because of group talking.
  6. It would be better to ensure that the elevators are befitted with closed circuit cameras and monitored round the clock so that girls and women folk can use them with confidence. I would like to draw your attention to our previous discussion on 'Safety Tips for Girls'.
  7. Whilst mentioning this tip (6), I recalled about a recent incident in a very famous business establishment in Chennai where I had a chance to witness a diluted eve-teasing attempt on a girl. It was just a few comments passed as if 'on-a-unrelated-third-party' but succinctly understandable by the onlooker that the two guys were only commenting on her. I did grasp the names of the two persons from the ID cards displayed and have also reported to the organization concerned. Not sure whether they were able to address it or my email just went to the 'Trash Can'. But I just thought I would share this thought that people should learn to respect others with dignity. This was the reason, I mentioned the need of 'closed-circuit-cameras' in the elevators in the preceding point.
  8. Avoid overloading the elevator. If there are enough people in the elevators, it is better to leave it and take the next trip in it. That way you help your effort in not only ensuring the privacy and comfort of others but also the safety of everyone.
  9. When the lift has already started closing its door ...
    1. If you are an insider: Avoid pressing the open door to reopen it if you had seen someone rushing towards the elevator. I appreciate your intent of helping other but in that gesture, you are causing a discomfort to a good many who might be within the elevator and a lot of people who are en route in other floors waiting for the elevator to come, not to mention the additional power consumption because of an extraneous mechanical operation of door opening.
    2. If you are an outside: Avoid pressing the switches to unwarrantedly request for the lift to pick you up. It is not a flight and missing the lift is not going to kill you. In another few seconds, the elevator is going to come back again to pick you up and service you too.
  10. Since these days because even residential apartments are fitted with elevators, ensure that your elevators are checked for quality periodically.
  11. Ensure that kids do not get to operate elevators unattended. I would like to draw your attention to an elevator accident which happened in Jains Abhishek apartments in Chennai.
  12. Most lifts have gadgets like emergency phones/intercom and a wide variety of switches/buttons. They have their own utility values. Do not overuse/abuse it for personal casual purposes other that the purpose for which it has been designated for.
I hope that these few tips can help everyone to make the best use of elevators to strenghthen and add color to our lives. Feel free to add more tips as comments for the benefit of everyone and share the permalink to your friends too.


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