Sunday, August 09, 2009

MTC buses in Chennai are adored by beautiful quotations

MTC buses in Chennai are adored by beautiful quotations

I have observed a number of MTC buses these days in Chennai wherein nice quotation stickers are pasted near the entrance and exit of the doors. The transport corporation is also busy in using these spaces to enhance its rapport and relationship with the commuters. I would like to draw your attention to one of our recent discussions on this topic over here.

The other useful quotation stickers that I came across are being generated by Temple Divine Success. The website is available over here:

Disclaimer: There seems to be a small issue with reference to this website. Google Advisory has allegations against this website as distributing malaware. I had to investigate this website armed with Inbox Web Security Guard and found that a few third party services that they have embedded seems to be causing this issue. I have written about the advisory to info (at) One of the first replies seems to be that they have started investigating on the issue. Hence I have *hyperlinked* directly to the website. You may like to check out the Google Interstitial warning on the website over here to see if you would like to visit the website with appropriate security precautions.

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