Saturday, January 15, 2011

The most joyous and successful Thiruppavai/Pongal celebrations ...

I would say Pongal 2011 has the most joyous and successful Thiruppavai/Pongal celebrations in more than one quarter.

Sri Andal Thiruvadigale Saranam
Whoa! Happy Pongal and Makara Sankranthi 2011 wishes to everyone.

A synopsis:

  1. A sense of victory over evil.
  2. A gesture of spiritual enlightenment.
  3. A wave of spiritual saatvik energy being flown into me. 
  4. A feeling of negative/distressing energies steadily fading away.
Now the details.
  1. The Thiruppavai Margazhi Mahotsavam was LavanyaDeepak started on December 4 itself (around two weeks before the scheduled start of Thiruppavai -- December 16). A few moronic satanic devils were attempting sabotage of scheduled start of Margazhi month and Bhogi (Jan 13/Jan 14) too only to have their arse kicked off.
  2. iPing helped me like Andal Herself giving a wakeup call at 0500 hours the entire Margazhi month. 
  3. Despite the inclement weather and being cloudy till 1230 and now again cloudy during the time when I just completed preparing the maiden-Pongal, the Lord Sun was brightly smiling with His sparkling rays for about thirty minutes.
  4. I just came to know that my colleague at Verizon, Narayanadhoss is the brother of Vinaya (one of the team members of Uma Mohan).
  5. Thalaip Pongal of my sister, friend, philosopher, pet and guide (Prathiba). Let us wish her a happy married life.

    It is also thalaip pongal for a few more of my friends (Kothai (aka) Jyo, Viji (aka) Vinodha (aka) Vijayalakshmi. Let us wish them a happy married life too.

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