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Sri Venkateswara Govinda Namavali

[Sree Venkateswara]

Currently mesmerized with the 'Govinda Hari Govinda' song of Sri Venkatesam Manasa Smarami album.
Sri Srinivasa Govinda
Sri Venkatesa Govinda
Bhaktavatsala Govinda
Bhagavatapriya Govinda
Nityanirmala Govinda
Neelameghasyama Govinda
Puranapurusha Govinda
Pundarikaksha Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Nandanandana Govinda
Navaneeta chora Govinda
Pasupalaka Sri Govinda
Papavimochana Govinda
Dushtasamhara Govinda
Durita nivarana Govinda
Sishta paripalaka Govinda
Kashta nivarana Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Vajramakutadhara Govinda
Varahamurtivi Govinda
Gopijanalola Govinda
Govardhanoddhara Govinda
Dasarathanandana Govinda
Dasamukha mardhana Govinda
Pakshivahana Govinda
Pandavapriya Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Matsya Kurma Govinda
Madhusudhana Hari Govinda
Varaha Narasimha Govinda
Vamana Brughurama Govinda
Balaramanuja Govinda
Bhouddha Kalkidhara Govinda
Venuganapriya Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Sitanayaka Govinda
Sritaparipalaka Govinda
Daridrajanaposhaka Govinda
Dharmasamsthapaka Govinda
Anatha rakshaka Govinda
Aapdbhandhava Govinda
Saranagatavatsala Govinda
Karunasagara Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Kamaladalaksha Govinda
Kamitaphaladata Govinda
Papavinasaka Govinda
Pahi Murare Govinda
Srimudrankita Govinda
Srivatsankita Govinda
Dharaninayaka Govinda
Dinakarateja Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Padmavatipriya Govinda
Prasannamurti Govinda
Abhayahasta pradarsana Govinda
Mastyavatara Govinda
Sankachakradhara Govinda
Sarngja Gadhadara Govinda
Virajateerastha Govinda
Virodhimardhana Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Salagramadhara Govinda
Sahasranama Govinda
Lakshmivallabha Govinda
Lakshmanagraja Govinda
Kasturitilaka Govinda
Kanchanambaradhara Govinda
Garudavahana Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Vanarasevita Govinda
Varadhibandhana Govinda
Edukondalavada Govinda
Ekaswarupa Govinda
Sri Rama Krishna Govinda
Raghukula nandana Govinda
Pratyakshadeva Govinda
Paramadayakara Govinda
Vajrakavachadhara Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Vaijayantimala Govinda
Vaddikasulavada Govinda
Vasudevatanaya Govinda
Bilvapatrarchita Govinda
Bhikshuka samstuta Govinda
Streepumrupa Govinda
Siva Kesavamurti Govinda
Brahmandarupa Govinda
Bhaktarakshaka Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Nityakalyana Govinda
Neerajanabha Govinda
Haati Ramapriya Govinda
Harisarvottama Govinda
Janardhanamurti Govinda
Jagatsakshirupa Govinda
Abhishekapriya Govinda
Apannivarana Govinda
Ratnakireeta Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Ramanujanuta Govinda
Swayamprakasa Govinda
Aasritapaksha Govinda
Nityasubhaprada Govinda
Nikhilalokesa Govinda
Anandarupa Govinda
Aadyantarahita Govinda
Ihaparadayaka Govinda
Ibharajarakshaka Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
Paramadayalo Govinda
Padmanabha Hari Govinda
Tirumalavasa Govinda
Tulasi Vanamala Govinda
Seshadrinilaya Govinda
Sirnivasa Sri Govinda
Sri Venkatesa Govinda
Govinda Hari Govinda
Gokulanandana Govinda
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