Friday, November 25, 2011

Life is beautiful!

We already covered about the crowning feedback in the birthday month. At the same I am also indebted to express my heart-felt thanks to Mark Zuckerburg for the amazing community that he has  created bringing long-lost people back into the network. Whilst this is the plus-point of Facebook, it also does help you in identifying the rotten samples amongst the basket of apples so that you can remove them in the first instance.

At the same time I am delighted to have a blissful show of bountiful greetings on the birthday month which just poured like incessant rose petals right a week before the birthday itself.

Face is the index of the mind and a diligent careful use of Facebook in turn helps as a valuable fathom to assess the veracity of the entities in your network.


Lavanya Sreedharan said...

Hey Congrats!!! Do you have a new arrival? That's an amazing song to welcome your new arrival :)

Deepak Vasudevan said...


I was little surprised on what triggered the reader to post that way and then realized that it was a contribution of 'Abhiyum Naanum'. In order to dispel any myth and clear the same the specific post has been amended duly. I regret for the wrong message being propagated and also at the same time delighted to hear from the well-wishers like you. Thank you. :)

As Raghu says in the climax of 'Abhiyum Naanum', 'Life is beautiful'. Here is a melody from Abhiyum Naanum.