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Recalling School Days ...

Recalling School Days ...

As I have described in my travel log, about my Saturday Trip to two schools near Thiruthani, thanks to Asha Chennai chapter, it has been a great start of a humble educational service, that this weblog and my website has been emphazing for some time. For you to recall about our previous discussions on our educational ventures, check out the previous posts here:

  1. Necessity of Basic Education
  2. Initiative of a School Network Webpage
  3. Noble Educational Service

The school functions really make us very peaceful and rejuvenate our mind with more energy to think positively and with more amount of creativity.

As the function started, there was the recitation of Tamil Thay Vazhthu, which is a widely followed custom in Tamil Nadu and slowly, I jumped back to my class tenth Tamil class, the start of which is punctuated by the rhythmic chanting of 'Neerarum Kadalutha' by Kavimani Desiga Vinayagam Pillai. I could'nt see myself in Tiruthani function and I was virtually in 1992-93 at 4, Tharachand Nagar, Virugambakkam, Chennai -- 600 092. I could fondly recall our Tamil teacher's guidance in getting the song high pitched or out of rhythm and a quite a few suggestions...

For the benefit of other readers, as you visit this weblog, you would hear playing of Tamil Thay Vazhthu in a quick MP3 buffer.

It is an excellent lyrics by Kavimani in praise of Lordess of Tamil. Here goes the lyrics of the song:

Neeraarum Kadaludutha Nilamanthaik Kezhilozhugum
Seeraarum Vadhanamenath Thigazh Bharathak Kandamithil
Thekkanamum Adhirpirandha Draavida Nal Thirunaadum
Thakkasiru Pirainudhalum Tharitthanarum Thilakamume
Atthilaka Vaasanaipol Anaithulagum Inbamura
Etthisayum Pugazh Manakka Irundha Perum Thamizhanange,

Unseerilamai Thiram Viyandhu Seyal Marandhu Vazhthudhume,


raghu said…
hai deepak

tanks a lot for ur link for the tamil thai vaalthu song...

wonderful job done [:)]
Anonymous said…
Hi Raghu,

I came across this URL which also gives this song and along with Tamil Lyrics too.

Check this out:

Government of Tamil Nadu website
Anonymous said…
Thats great Deepak !!!
I was actually searching for this song !!!

~ Arul.C

Glad that the post and lyrics did help you. You can check out the website of Tamil Nadu government which has an audio clip download as well.
Anonymous said…
Hi Deepak,

Why the song is not playing now ? Could you please check.

~ Arul C

There was some technical error. It has been fixed. The song would play now.

Thank you for bring this to my attention.
bhuvanamurali1965 said…
Neerarung kadaluduththa was written by ManonmaNeeyem Pe. Sundaram Pillai and not by Kavimani. said…
I came across this blog when I google searched for Kavimani Desiga Vinayagam pillai.

Thamizh Thaai Vaazhththu was written by Manonmaneeyam The. Po. MEEnakshi Sundaram Pillai and not Kavimani Desiga Vinayagam Pillai.
Anonymous said…
Hi Deepak!


1) It should read Nilamadanthaik Kezhilozhugum and not Nilamanthaik Kezhilozhugum.

2) Adhirsirandha Draavida Nal Thirunaadum and not Adhirpirandha Draavida Nal Thirunaadum.

Otherwise the transliteration looks good. Looks like there's not too many available on the net. So, it would be great if you could make yours perfect.

Anonymous said…
Hey there!
Glad you posted this
I was actually searching for this song
Debater said…
It would be good if you could give a word by word break up of this song.

Anonymous said…
thabks a lot for ur script ,i totally forgor this prayer because of you guys i gor it !
thabk you
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
thabks a lot for ur script ,i totally forgor this prayer because of you guys i gor it !
thabk you

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