Tuesday, July 14, 2009

E1410 -- The most good companion to enhance productivity levels ...

A month back, I have posted about my intention and the then scheduled purchase of a new mobile E1410 from Samsung. You can check out the permalink over here. After a month long sojourn with the same, I just thought I would share a few good things of E1410 and a little limitations that came on the way. Here is the review of the same.
  1. Multiple Text Messaging formats. Unlike the Abc and Dictionary On format of Nokia, this has got the following formats: T9 Dictionary, Abc, Numeric, Hing (Not sure what is this still. Yet to play around and figure it out)
  2. Call Reject List :: No longer you need to switch off phone from any of your circles for time being just because they are bugging you repeatedly for something. You can tentatively add those numbers to 'Call Reject' list so that it would highlight you of the incoming call without ringing but flashing a message like 'Reject Number '. Besides this, if you have something called Missed Call Alert subscription active, the sweet little ringtone indicating it is a surestop way to mesmerize you away from the routine chores and enhance the productivity levels.
  3. Voice Recording :: Powerful voice recording of clips from anywhere in the planet filtering out the disturbances in the ambience
  4. Easy to use OpenWave web browser which is fast, flexible and easy to use for GPRS services.

Now comes a few limitations:

  1. The saving of text messages in draft and editing it causes duplicate messages to be created in the folder. You may need to resort to manual removal of old messages.
  2. A little long battery charging time.
  3. Non-availability of the pouch exclusive for this mobile model (in Chennai). Perhaps, I need to wait a bit more for the release in the market.
  4. The 'Cell Info' feature is available as part of 'Broadcast' but takes more battery resources.
    This is my first cut review which I am sharing it out here. As I discover more features, I would keep updating this post for the benefit of all readers. Needless to mention that the advantages and merits of this mobile model outweigh the limitations and it is a good one for everyone.

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