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Today's Tuesday made me like a cruel high school teacher with a whip on hand ...

Today's Tuesday made me like a cruel high school teacher with a whip on hand ...

Today had been making me to look a little aggressive and appear like a cruel (though not wicked anyway :)) and a harsh high school teacher with a long whip on hand to penalise the bad guys. As a day broke out, I had a few social concern activities that needed my attention.
  1. A truant telemarketer allegedly from some underworld vacation club kept pestering for some membership. I have never been carried away by such mundane distractions as one of my previous post describes my personal preference. And this telemarketing 'solicitation' really made me to 'mark him in my Todolist' to teach them a lesson. They also were vehemently violating the NDNC norms and as a good citizen, I would need to help the statutory administration to book them. I would like to draw your attention to my Views and Reviews post of this incident over here.
  2. I had to draw the attention of my colleague towards 'Elevator Culture' today particularly to point 9.1. Out of his good intent, he helped one, who in turn brought in a big bunch of others causing an undue twenty second delay for the elevator. We recalled about a joke of Vadivelu and Vijay wherein the former would be working in a small hotel managed by the latter. When a former's villager was visiting him, Vijay advises him that he should feed him as it is a gesture of good hospitality. The villager first refuses but since Vadivelu persisted on his request, the villager agrees but there is an interesting turning point. Instead of just the villager and his colleague entering the hotel, he invites a big bunch of his colleagues (almost a full bus of them) to the tea shop. Vijay was telling him 'I was believing two but now you brought your entire village to my shop for free lunch' and the comedy goes that way.
  3. There was another big hurl of telemarketing call from Citibank claiming that by virtue of having a salary account with them they wanted to provide some crappy financial planning services. I had to 'shoo shoo' them for their disturbance besides my good citizenship gesture of reporting to my cellular operator.
  4. There was another one part of (3). When I reported the Citibank violation to Airtel, I got a gibberish crappy scribble from the customercare. Inspite of me reporting the number he was telling that I am reporting an anonymous call and he wanted me to register an FIR when it was the cellular operator's responsibility to register report and take action. I had to come down on him little heavily and shower some rather powerful hot and blazing thunderous blows for his bad English-language understanding capabilities besides his unethical attitude of shirking his moral responsibilities for which he is paid for by his organization.
I should thank the Nature for putting me the cap of a teacher today. I admit I was rather harsh with a big whip on hand but the bottomline of the story is actually substantiated by the following proverbs "Spare the rod and spoil the child". In Tamil, the proverb is "அடி உதவுவது போல் அண்ணன் தம்பி உதவ மாட்டார்".


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