[Lavanya Deepak]

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The High Resolution Image of Sri Ayyappa

Sometime back we were discussing about the high resolution image of Sri Ayyappa over here. Just thought I would share the PNG high resolution image of the Lord over here for the benefit of all devotees.

I thank the Lord for the said opportunity of sharing the PNG image for the pooja room of all devotees on the following occasions:

  1. On my birthday
  2. Just a week before the start of the month of Karthigai when the Ayyappa vratham starts.

    I would also like to remind people that this month Karthigai starts on a very holy Ekadasi day. The ‘Ekadasi’ is very sacred for Lord Vishnu. Besides this, ‘Ekadasi’ indicates the 11th day. The number ‘11’ is most commonly associated and glorified with Lord Shiva as well. This is a very divine blessing because Ayyappa Himself is considered as a complete incarnation and combination of the Trinity.