Sunday, March 01, 2009

(Missed) Call Menace in Mobile Phone

(Missed) Call Menace in Mobile Phone

I have been intending to share this experience for sometime still and just got the opportunity. Not sure how does it exactly match when the phone only rings at occasions when it is not required. Interesting incidents sparking me to write this are ("The phone rings for a voice call or to indicate a reciept of a text message")

  1. You are busy in the bank teller counter counting currency notes (to be remitted or being recieved).
  2. You are in the temple seeking the blessings of the Lord and in total silence to make you embarrassed and to make you look like a rude jackass to others, the phone rings.
  3. You are busy in updating your tasklist and the phone rings

Now there is an easy solution. Keep away from the phone during those busy instances. Most telephone operators have equipped the subscriptions with services like Missed Call Alerts. I would also like to draw your attention to our previous discussions related to this here:

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  2. Mobile Phone -- When and When not to use... [Part II]

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